Real Estate Hervey Bay

Very Professional

I met Darryn approx 2 years before he sold my home in Hervey Bay. At this time I was not ready to sell the home as my mother had just moved into a care facility and the home needed to be emptied of personal belongings and then the house & gardens needed to be tidied up. During this time Darryn kept in contact and kept me updated with the housing market in Hervey Bay as I lived approx 5 hours away. Whenever he knew I was coming to Hervey Bay to work on the house he always offered his help if I needed anything done. When I was ready to put it on the market the only day I was available was a Sunday and he happily gave up his time to see me. Once I had signed with the company he worked for, his service did not decline at all. He called me every time someone looked at the house and gave me their constructive feedback. As I lived so far away I relied on him to make sure the home was always aired out and kept clean, he would notify me when the lawns needed mowing. Darryn made sure that any trades people like carpet cleaners and window cleaners always had access when required. Darryn was an absolute pleasure to deal with and I always felt he had my best interest at heart. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to sell their property.