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A school friendship led to the donation of a defibrillator to the Hervey Bay Softball Association by Kim Carter of Carter Cooper Realty.

The donation comes after Annette Winter recently suffered a heart attack at the Hervey Bay Softball fields. Annette thought she had pulled a muscle from throwing at a recent softball game and headed home to shower and have a Panadol. Unfortunately, she did not make it home and needed treatment at the fields by ambulance officers. She was transported to the hospital and flown that night to the Prince Charles hospital to have a stent inserted.

“It felt like I had muscle pain and not a heart attack, but I suppose it affects people differently,” she said. Annette is on the road to recovery and was on hand at the softball fields yesterday when Kim presented the association with the defibrillator. “Annette and I went to school together, and it was a no brainer when Donna told me what had happened. We are proud to help the Softball Association to be prepared if it is needed,” Kim Carter said. Hervey Bay Softball Association president Donna Jenkins thanked Kim for the special donation for the association “It’s nice to know that if it ever happens again that we have it to use. It was quite scary waiting for the ambulance,” Donna Jenkins said.
She thanked Kim and Carter Cooper Realty for the defibrillator. Annette agrees and is also thankful for Kim’s gesture.

“I am still coming to terms with it and have had to adjust my lifestyle. What it has taught me is that I should recognise the symptoms. In the past, I wouldn’t have thought anything about a little pain, but I do now,” Annette said